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GSI MiniEspresso Set

GSI MiniEspresso Set, $92

Used by: Coffee-craving deputy editor Matthew Cattin
Used for: 100+ coffee brews
Cost: $92

My reputation for decent backcountry brews sometimes precedes me on the track.

I’ll meet trampers who’ve heard word on the wind of a barista tramper who grinds fresh beans between his teeth and sweats pure caffeine.

“That addict is me,” I’ll reply, whipping out my mini GSI percolator.

I’ve tolerated instant coffee, and I’ve stomached coffee bags, but nothing compares to fresh beans in the morning, and I never regret the extra weight.

GSI’s bite-sized percolator set comes with a bulky but durable carry case, and a stainless double-wall cup – altogether around 300g.

It’s wide enough at its base to perch on a tramping stove, and a glorious double shot espresso will take around 90 seconds to brew – handy if you’re making coffee for a group.The stainless build is sturdy and easy to clean, and the flavour rivals a café-bought espresso. It’s an expensive investment – in weight and price – so this one is for coffee-fiends only.

Verdict: Luxurious coffee maker that’s worth its weight in caffeine.