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Review: Gear Aid Wash-In Water Repellent 10oz

Gear Aid Wash-In Water Repellent 10oz

Specs: $33.95
Used by: Rainwear-rejuvenating deputy editor Matthew Cattin
Used for: One wash

I’d wager rain jackets receive less TLC than just about any piece of outdoor gear, yet we expect them to keep going and going.

Sadly, it’s not the case, and though these jackets may appear fresh after repeated use in downpours, sweat and oils from your body don’t do your expensive garment any favours.

Though only two years old, my rain jacket had started soaking through – particularly in the sleeves where sweat on my bare arms had degraded the fabric.

My partner’s rain jacket also needed serious attention, though in hindsight I think it was too far gone (or poor-quality) as it didn’t bounce back.
Instructions were simple – two cap-fulls of the wash-in repellent per garment for a front-loading washing machine, followed by a blast in the drier.

The smell from the container had me worried – it was strong and chemical, quite unlike the soft scent of washing powder. Once washed however, the smell vanished from the jacket.

After a spin in the drier, I raced my jacket to the kitchen sink, and ran cold water over the sleeves. Like marbles on a hill, the water beaded beautifully and rolled off.

Frequent use over the next fortnight – including in light rains and a heavy downpour – saw the jacket perform as new, though I imagine it will need another replenishment before too long.

Verdict: Replenishes rainwear like new.