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Review: Kiwi Camping Illuminator Light

Kiwi Camping Illuminator Light $89.99
Weight: 332g
Used by: Light-loving deputy editor Matthew Cattin
Used for: Four months

I’m a big fan of ambient lighting when camping – something bright enough to light up a card game, but soft enough to be easy on the eyes. Growing up camping, the LPG mantle lantern would be the go-to, hissing away in the corner of the tent. Kiwi Camping’s Illuminator Light is perhaps the next best thing.

It’s lighting modes offer white and warm (but no red) options – my favourite being the warm mode, which provides a well-dispersed atmospheric glow akin to candlelight. At 1000 lumens, it generates more than enough oomph to light up a small hut, but is best used on its lower setting to illuminate your immediate area, perhaps a cooking setup or card game. An IP54 rating should be ample for general use, protecting from dust and water, and its runtime (11hr on high, 190hr on low) is superb, and should see users through a week of moderate use.

Though its weight may exclude this light from your tramping pack, the fact it doubles as a power bank and can provide up to three recharges of a smartphone may make up for the extra grams.

Verdict: A versatile, ambient camping light that charges your electronics.