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Review: Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Compact Plus sleeping bag liner

Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Compact Plus sleeping bag liner

Details: $99.99, 263g
Used by: Trips and family-features writer Jo ‘snuggles’ Stilwell
Used for: 12 months

This is one of my newer pieces of kit and I must admit to scepticism when I saw it claimed to add 11°C of warmth for just 263g. But because I’d long wanted to extend the season use of my ultra lightweight sleeping bag I gave it a go. It’s totally exceeded my expectations.

The fabric is so warm and snuggly against my skin it’s a joy to get into. It has thicker fabric panels where it’s needed most – over the body and at the feet. As a gram counter, I like the mummy shape, but freedom-of-movement is ensured by the stretchy fabric.

I’ve always used a liner to keep my sleeping bag clean, however this one does much more than that. It adds versatility to my sleeping system. It has turned my sleeping bag into a 3-4 season bag. I can use the liner with my heavier winter bag and be confident that even in freezing weather I’ll be warm. It is, however, too warm to use in the height of summer, especially in a hut.

Verdict: A super warm and snuggly liner that does what it claims and will add warmth and versatility to any sleep system.