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Review: Fozzils Snapfold Bowls

Fozzils Snapfold Bowls $27.50
Used by: Contributing editor Matthew ‘forgot my bowl’ Cattin
Used for: One year

Supposedly the world’s lightest pack-flat dinnerware, the 20g snapfold bowl will slot (literally) anywhere in any ultralight tramper’s pack. They’re compact and easy to assemble. The snap buttons pop together securely enough to extinguish any anxiety of a mid-meal bowl blowout, and as for cleaning, simply flatten it out and give it a rinse and a wipe (or lick clean as gear editor Mark Watson prefers). At home, pop them in the dishwasher. 

The topographic design is cool and includes measurement lines – something I wouldn’t go without, as dehy meals require specific quantities of boiling water. 

I had my doubts initially about product longevity, having used a similar foldable bowl many years ago which eventually split. But after a year of fairly frequent use, these bowls have yet to let me down. They’ve even saved me more than once, when I thought I had forgotten a bowl, only to find the snapfold packed flat in my water reservoir compartment. 

Fozzils claim the bowls can be used as a chopping board, and I’ll have to take them at their word there – I’ve been too hesitant to try as my tramping knife is razor-sharp. 

Verdict: A bowl so light and compact, you’ll forget you packed it.