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Pad Thai

A favourite Thai dish. Photo: Mark Banham

When winter hits, most people seem to favour one of two options to cope with it – acceptance: crank the heater, dust off the puffer jacket and fire up the ragout; or denial: walk around in board-shorts despite the sub-zero temperatures and keep the tasty summer meals on the menu. If you favour the latter, then you’ll love this one!


Serves: Two

Weight: 900g

Volume: 1000ml

Kilojoules: 3175

Cost: $16.50

Time: 20min


Sesame oil, 1tbsp

Garlic, 1 clove finally chopped

Chili, 1, diced (two if you’re feeling bold)

Spring onions, 2 diced

Ground peanuts, 50g

Sweet chilli sauce,  ¼ cup

Fish sauce, 1tbsp

Rice stick noodles, 200g (half a packet)

Eggs (or ‘no-egg’ for long haul trips), 2

Smoked chicken breast, 1 diced

Ground peanuts and dried chili flakes to garnish

Chopped coriander and bean sprouts if you’re just out for an overnighter


Place the noodles in boiling water for six minutes, or until cooked to your preference, drain and set aside. Next, heat the sesame oil then brown the chicken. Add the fresh chili and garlic and fry briefly (careful not to burn them). Add the noodles, the egg, the sweet chili sauce and fish sauce. The trick is to stir them all together to get a spicy sauce – not to end up with bits of omelette amongst the noodles – then, once it’s looking good to go, add the spring onions, coriander and garnish with a sprinkle of chili flakes and ground peanuts.