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I’m doing it to get back into tramping

Janine Ingle is loving being out in the bush again thanks to Walk1200km.

The challenge has also helped her shed more than 20kg so far this year.

Janine has always been an outdoors’ fan, but after separating from her husband several years ago, tramping fell by the wayside.

To get back out there, Janine subscribed to Wilderness, knowing she would want to do some of the walks featured in the magazine.

That’s how the Taranaki preschool teacher found out about Walk1200km, which was “just the motivation I needed”.

“I kept telling myself I would get back into tramping but thinking it is not enough,” Janine says.

After beginning the challenge in December last year, Janine “swallowed my anxiety about walking in the bush on my own” and took on a 6km solo hike in Egmont National Park this January.

In February, she hit another milestone – her first overnight tramp in more than a decade, which she did with her adult son in Ruahine Forest Park (see picture).

Tracks that Janine found to be a struggle at the start of the challenge are getting easier.

However, she thinks it might take her more than 52 weeks to walk 1200km.

“I worried about it at the start but I don’t anymore. Even if it takes me 14 months, I will do it.”