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I’m doing it for my mental health

Chris Kemp is walking 1200km for his mental health.

Since going through a major relationship breakup several years ago, Chris Kemp has discovered that walking is essential to his mental health. 

“I went to a very dark place with depression and the best thing for me was to get out and walk for days to clear my mind,” Chris says. “That’s why I started walking and now if I don’t get out and go for my walk, I’m grumpy.” 

Over the last few years he has been ticking off sections of Te Araroa Trail but he has signed up for Walk1200km to stay motivated and active as Auckland’s lockdown stretches on. 

“I like to have a goal to motivate me and having this target makes me get out there,” he says. “The Walk1200km Facebook group has also been a great way to stay motivated; seeing other people doing it keeps me going. It’s also a great way to find other walks to do in the city.”

He says it has been a good way to explore his backyard in Mt Roskill.

“The other day we found a park out the back of St Luke’s that we never knew existed. There’s a whole boardwalk that goes through a nature reserve.”

Chris also rates Auckland’s Coast to Coast Walkway: “It’s just a four-hour walk but you see amazing things you wouldn’t normally see.

“At times like this, Walk1200km is exactly what we need.” 

Have you signed up to do the Walk1200km challenge? Register here.