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I’m doing it for fitness

Jenny Harris is walking 1200km to train for her first tramp. 

Jenny Harris has never been tramping, but starting Walk1200km is her first step.

“I enjoy being out in nature, but I’ve done zero hiking so I thought it would be something to keep me accountable as I start,” Hamilton-based Jenny says. 

“It’s cool keeping track of how much I walk. I’ve found that really motivating. I’m also wanting to connect with others who want to be out there and active.”

Jenny has also been geocaching as part of her walking, which she says is a great way to explore new places and keep the kilometres ticking over. 

“Geocaching is a fun community to be a part of and it takes you to places, like a beautiful lookout, that you might not have gone to before. I’ve found absolutely magical places within a couple of kilometres of my house that I had no idea were there.”

Jenny hopes to soon hike to Pinnacles Hut in Coromandel for her first overnight tramp and eventually wants to hike the Milford Track.

“My family has always wanted to hike it because it was surveyed by my great great grandfather and my great grandmother has a lake named after her – Lake Ella (beside the Mackinnon Memorial on Mackinnon Pass). My mother’s generation are now too old to do it but me and my cousin are keen to give it a go.”

Have you signed up to do the Walk1200km challenge? Register here.