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Encouraging trampers to ‘Hike like a woman’

Bozenka Raich's women-only hiking group has 100 members and is growing.

A global movement which aims to encourage women to get into tramping has started a branch in New Zealand that has proved popular with Kiwis.

Hike Like a Woman started as a website, founded by American tramper Rebecca Walsh in 2015, to encourage woman into the outdoors, but hiking groups have now been established around the world. 

Wanaka-based Bozenka Raich became an ambassador for Hike Like a Woman last year and has been holding regular women’s-only hiking weekends in Otago.

Raich, who moved to New Zealand from Australia five years ago, is relatively new to tramping and said it was daunting at first.

“I found that when I went tramping with a male they would often be a lot more advanced than I was,” Raich said. “When I discovered Hike Like a Woman, it was a positive space that tried to make tramping fun and accessible.

“It’s not that we are trying to keep guys out of it, but there are differences between men and women. It’s nice to have a girly group and to connect with other outdoorsy women. It makes you feel a bit more comfortable.”

Raich’s Hike Like a Woman Otago group now has 100 members and she is planning to start a Southland group later this year.

“The feedback has been really positive. The fact it’s been popular shows it’s something people want.”

The group can be found on Facebook.