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Tramping bigger than rugby

Tramping is one of the most popular forms of recreation in the country, according to a recent survey which found a quarter of the population has been tramping in the past year.

The survey, produced by Sport New Zealand, was conducted throughout 2017 and included 33,000 respondents.

It found 24 per cent of adults had been on either an overnight or day tramp in the past year, which was more popular than the combined participation rates for rugby (two per cent), netball (five per cent), tennis (eight per cent), and cricket (four per cent). 

In total, 23 per cent of respondents had been on a day tramp in the past year and seven per cent on an overnight tramp. Five per cent had recreated in a national park in the past week.

The most popular recreation activities were walking (85 per cent), gardening (48 per cent), running/jogging (38 per cent), workout equipment (37 per cent), swimming (33 per cent), ‘playing games’ (32 per cent) and biking (27 per cent). 

Sport NZ said the methodology of the survey had changed from previous years, and the figures couldn’t be accurately compared to the last survey, conducted in 2013/14. That survey found participation rates for tramping was 9.7 per cent.

Federated Mountain Clubs president Peter Wilson believed tramping was growing markedly in popularity.

“Tramping is booming and this justifies every dollar that DOC spends on recreation,” Wilson said.