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The forest in your pocket

You simply enter in basic details about the tree, like leaf shape, colour and texture, and the app does the rest

A free app has been developed that helps trampers identify different native tree species while out in the bush.

The NZTrees app has been developed by AUT and allows users to input plant characteristics, such as leaf appearance, flower colour and bark texture to match the tree they are identifying.

The app then determines what native tree the user could be looking at.

The app includes information about each plant species, including traditional medicinal use and poisonous properties. Users can also log their sightings to keep track of all the species they have identified and where.

Associate Professor Sebastian Leuzinger said AUT hoped to produce a series of free nature identification apps. 

“The aim is to make it easy for people to become familiar and knowledgeable about our natural environment, and to raise awareness about the need to protect it,” Leuzinger said.

You can download NZTrees wherever you find your apps.

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