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WildernessWord, July 2019

Complete the crossword and rearrange the letters in the blue squares to spell out the hidden solution. Send your answer, name and address, by July 21, to:, or WildernessWord, PO Box 251566, Pakuranga, Auckland 2140. All correct entries go in the draw to win one of five Kiwi Camping Stainless Steel Whistling Kettles worth $19.99.

1. Duke of Edinburgh _____ Award – young people’s award for adventurous activity (7)
5. Smooth-bodied lizard you might spot at edge of bush (5)
8. Funding for conservation projects, eg (5)
9. Migratory grasshoppers seen in NZ (7)
10. Out at sea away from land (8)
11. Stray from track during tramp, or make some other mistake, maybe (3)
12. _____ Annie Track – walkway in Tararua Forest Park (6)
14. Line on map connecting points having equal amounts of sunshine (6)
17. Fall behind faster trampers (3)
19. Deep fissure in ice of glacier (8)
22. Non-native animal that is pest in NZ bush (7)
23. _____ River – river that rises on slopes of Mt Rolleston in Southern Alps (5)
24. Having sharp gradient (5)
25. _____ River – waterway in Nelson Lakes National Park (7)

1. ____ Ridge Track – located in south-east of Fiordland National Park (4)
2. _____ eel – large endemic NZ freshwater eel (7)
3. Very deep chasm (5)
4. Colour of flowers of kowhai tree (6)
5. Packets containing dehydrated food (7)
6. Particular edition of Wilderness magazine (5)
7. Nankeen _____ – Australian falcon sometimes seen in open scrubland in NZ (7)
12. Goes fast on horseback (or maybe on foot?!) (7)
13. Fastens tramping boots securely (5,2)
15. This describes outdoor environment that is harsh and inhospitable (7)
16. Essential safety item for mountain biker (6)
18. Small group of trees (5)
20. Delicious smell of camp cooking (5)
21. Lower section in mountain range used as route (4)

Hidden solution: Winter wilderness activity (3,7)
June’s hidden solution: Snow shovel

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