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WildernessWord, December 2018

Complete the crossword and rearrange the letters in the blue squares to spell out the hidden solution. Send your answer, name and address, by December 19, to:, or WildernessWord, PO Box 251566, Pakuranga, Auckland 2140. All correct entries go in the draw to win one of five bottles of 2B Insect Repellent worth $24.50.

7. _____ Meg – NZ stream
and dam in Kawarau Gorge near Cromwell (7)
9. _____ Island – NZ’s most active volcano (5)
10. Fragment making up part of conglomerate sedimentary rock (5)
11. Large powerfully fast stream of water (7)
12. What you see in wilderness on bright summer day (4,3)
14. Scene of wilderness peace and beauty, maybe (5)
16. Smouldering remnant of campfire (5)
18. Aoraki/Mt Cook is NZ’s _____ mountain (7)
20. Banded _____ – types of fish found in NZ waters (7)
21. Ground _____ – something to keep you dry and insulated in wilderness (5)
22. Handy implement for wilderness adventures (5)
23. What Mt Tarawera did in 1886 (7)

1. Lake _____ – glacier-fed alpine lake in Mt Aspiring National Park (8)
2. North Otago town at one end of Alps 2 Ocean cycle trail (6)
3. Thin layer of condensed vapour – damp and disorienting! (4)
4. Moving like waters in whirlpool (8)
5. _____ Mile Beach – on west coast of far north of North Island (6)
6. Compass direction (4)
8. Showing courage and determination – like adventure racing competitors, eg (5)
13. Everyday tensions – peace of wilderness can relieve these (8)
15. Distance in degrees north or south of equator (8)
17. Warm woollen headgear for outdoor activity (6)
18. Make _____ – move quickly to reach hut before nightfall (5)
19. NZ Ironman and Coast to Coast are endurance ones (6)
20. Cheeky bold flightless bird seen in NZ bush (4)
21. Lateral ridge projecting from mountain (4)

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