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WildernessWord, October 2017

Complete the crossword and rearrange the letters in the shaded squares to spell out the hidden solution. Send your answer, name and address by October 18 to:, or WildernessWord, PO Box 251566, Pakuranga, Auckland 2140. All correct entries go into the draw to win one of two Zoku stainless steel drink bottles worth $49.95.

Crossword by Pam Hutton

_____ Saddle – alpine crossing between West Matukituki and Dart valleys in Mt Aspiring National Park (7)
2. Ear_____ – these can be handy when sharing hut with snorers (5)
3. NZ river in Marlborough that flows into Clarence River (7)
4. Covered in light coating of snow (6)
5. Scroggin is energy-giving one (5)
6. Bodies of water cut off from sea by reefs (7)
7. Tales of great outdoors adventures (5)
13. _____ Sound – NZ fiord in southwest of South Island (7)
15. Flat frozen mass floating at sea (3,4)
16. _____ rates apply for invalid and unbooked use of DOC huts (7)
17. Projecting narrow horizontal surfaces on side of mountain (6)
18. Cape _____ Peninsula – located on northern coast of North Island (5)
19. Prepares Wilderness magazine for publication (5)
20. Exploration to check out terrain or surroundings (5)

1. _____ Track – tramping route in NZ’s Westland National Park (7)
5. Brackish water in river estuaries is this (5)
8. Compass direction (5)
9. Walk unsteadily with pack that is too heavy, maybe (7)
10. Develop these through vigorous outdoor pursuits? (3)
11. Methods to secure ropes (4,5)
12. Mt Taranaki / Mt _____ – iconic NZ mountain (6)
14. Puts together makeshift shelter in wilderness (4,2)
18. _____ Peak – mountain in Nelson Lakes National Park (9)
20. Part of triathlon (3)
21. Wearing away soil and rock (7)
22. This describes wilderness walk near where you live (5)
23. You need to keep an eye on these during coastline walk (5)
24. Picturesque features of landscape (7)

Hidden solution: Outdoor activity for agile people (4,8)

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