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WildernessWord, January 2019

Complete the crossword and rearrange the letters in the blue squares to spell out the hidden solution. Send your answer, name and address, by January 20, to: All correct entries go in the draw to win one of five bottles of 2B Insect Repellent worth $24.50.

1. _____ Sound – largest sound in Marlborough Sounds (7)
5. _____ it – live in primitive conditions in wilderness (5)
8. Walks with slow heavy steps when tired on long arduous tramp (5)
9. Sleeping option inwilderness (7)
10. Makes noise like leaves in wind (7)
11. Clear _____ – sign of good weather, or lack of pollution? (5)
12. Rock formations like at Coromandel’s Cathedral Cove, eg (6)
14. Large diving seabird seen on NZ coastlines (6)
17. Map used for nautical navigation (5)
18. Part of GPS (7)
20. Concerted effort to reach summit (7)
22. Lazy layabout – outdoor enthusiast is not this! (5)
23. Share remaining rations fairly between you (5)
24. _____ Sage, NZ Minister of Conservation (7)

1. _____ Great Walk – due to open in 2019 on West Coast of South Island (7)
2. Tracks taking you back
to where you started (5)
3. Able to withstand and recover well from adversity (9)
4. Metamorphic rock that can be broken into thin layers (6)
5. Edge of volcanic crater (3)
6. This describes ideal place – like pristine wilderness, maybe? (7)
7. Day tramps (5)
11. Giving sudden fright to animal in bush (9)
13. Te Paki _____ Track –
scenic walk in Northland (7)
15. Another name for manuka and kanuka seen growing in NZ bush (3,4)
16. _____ Hill Peak – in Torlesse Range in Arthur’s Pass National Park (6)
17. Steep rugged rocks
or cliffs (5)
19. Strong synthetic fibre used for ropes (5)
21. Sleeping ___ – something to cushion you overnight when camping (3)

Hidden solution: Top spot in NZ! (4,6)
December’s hidden solution: Milky Way

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