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WildernessWord, May 2017

Crossword by Pam Hutton

Complete the crossword and rearrange the letters in the shaded squares to spell out the hidden solution. Send your answer, name and address by May 21 to:, or WildernessWord, PO Box 251566, Pakuranga, Auckland 2140. All correct entries go in the draw to win one of five Nikwax twin packs worth $50.99.


1. The ___ _____ Road – mountain biking and tramping route on West Coast (3,5)
6. Attachment device that may be part of backpack (4)
8. Deep ravine or narrow valley (5)
9. Manager and protector of reserves (6)
10. Camouflaged shelter used for observing birds or other wildlife (4)
11. Empty of people – remote wilderness is often this (8)
12. Indicator on compass (6)
14. Small narrow bays in coastline (6)
16. Relatively uncommon solar or lunar phenomena (8)
19. Air pollution not found in clean green environment (4)
20. _____’s dolphin – small endangered NZ dolphin (6)
21. Poorly fitting tramping gear can do this (5)
22. ____ out – made meagre food rations last, eg (4)
23. Altitude above which indigenous forest does not grow (8)


2. Soft brownish coal (7)
3. Prickly noxious invader in NZ wilderness (5)
4. Tramper still in wilderness after expected return time is this (7)
5. Small mountain lakes (5)
6. _____ Plateau – volcanic area in North Island of NZ (7)
7. _____ River – small NZ river flowing into Charles Sound in Fiordland (5)
13. Was slowly carried by water current (7)
14. Biting ones can be nuisance during outdoor activities (7)
15. Alps __ _____ Cycle Trail – South Island bike route (2,5)
17. Small natural stream (5)
18. Dense low-growing brushwood vegetation (5)
19. Amber _____ – large endangered NZ gastropod (5)

Hidden Solution: Impressive South Island backdrop (3,11)
April’s hidden solution: Whirinaki Forest

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