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WildernessWord, November 2018

Complete the crossword and rearrange the letters in the blue squares to spell out the hidden solution. Send your answer, name and address, by November 21, to:, or WildernessWord, PO Box 251566, Pakuranga, Auckland 2140. All correct entries go in the draw to win one of five Back Country Cuisine prize packs worth $50.

1. Small bird found in NZ’s Southern Alps above bushline (4,4)
6. ____ map – detailed resource to guide you on tramp (4)
8. Wispy white high altitude cloud (6)
9. _____ Flats Hut – DOC hut in Tararua Forest Park (6)
10. Sea _____ – marine polyps with rings of tentacles (8)
12. Landslide of dirt and rock down hillside (4)
13. Large male pigs – you might see wild ones in bush (5)
14. Makes hot tea with billy (5)
16. Thickness of sleeping bag insulation (4)
18. Tongariro _____ Circuit – one of NZ’s Great Walks (8)
20. Reorganise gear you will be carrying on tramp (6)
22. Rudderless and loose from moorings at sea (6)
23. NZ glow-worm is larva of fungus ____ (4)
24. Dark fine-grained volcanic rock found in parts of NZ (8)

2. Star constellation you might see in clear wilderness night sky (5)
3. NZ river that rises in Kahurangi National Park (7)
4. Early morningwilderness view (6,3)
5. Outdoor ___ – ardent wilderness enthusiast! (3)
6. Carries heavy backpack, eg (5)
7. Groups of trampers (7)
11. Dog breed formerly used for mountain rescues in Swiss Alps (2,7)
13. Wore new tramping boots until supple and comfortable (5,2)
15. Encourages fellow trampers when going gets tough (7)
17. Expanse of terrain (5)
19. Repair and upgrade of DOC hut, eg (5)
21. Intelligent NZ native parrot (3)

Back Country Cuisine
From tasty meals to snacks and everything in between, to keep your energy levels up and your adventures wild. Each prize pack contains two dinners, two breakfasts, a dessert and two smoothies.

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