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WildernessWord, November 2011


  1. Traverse over stretch of terrain or water (8)
  2. Narrow piece of land like isthmus (4)
  3. Where skydiver spends time (3-3)
  4. Additional non-essential things – avoid these in backpack (6)
  5. Eco-friendly transport (4)
  6. Genus of birds that includes NZ’s takahe (8)
  7. Grass-like plant with triangular stems growing in wet places (5)
  8. Defer tramp due to bad weather, eg (5)
  9. NZ native tree also called wineberry (8)
  10. Main veins in plant leaf (4)
  11. Long narrow deep depression in ocean floor (6)
  12. Plant with unusual flower – NZ has over 100 native species of this (6)
  13. Filled with feeling of wonder at wilderness beauty (4)
  14. Destroy landscape by clearing trees (8)


  1. Dried fruits that are part of tramper’s scroggin (7)
  2. Stratified sedimentary clay rock that splits easily into thin layers (5)
  3. This describes wilderness place where cell phone still works (2,5)
  4. _____ Barrier Island – situated northeast of Auckland (5)
  5. _____ beauty – wilderness sight! (7)
  6. Raccoon-like animal found in wilderness of Central and South America (5)
  7. Lost life in river or ocean (7)
  8. Steep or vertical descent especially along edge of reef (4-3)
  9. Small freshwater crayfish in Australia (7)
  10. Pointed sign or marker showing way in bush (5)
  11. What muscles did after arduous tramp (5)
  12. Competitive mountain 10 Across enthusiast (5)

Hidden Solution: Wilderness danger (11)

October’s hidden solution: Eco-friendly

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