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WildernessWord, February 2011

Crossword by Pam Hutton


  1. Slowly moving masses of ice in high mountain areas (8)
  2. Swiss Army knife is handy one in wilderness (4)
  3. Potholing enthusiasts (6)
  4. Orange _____ – fish that is commercially important for NZ (6)
  5. Give challenging wilderness activity your best ____ – try your hardest (4)
  6. At high altitude (8)
  7. Sea _____ – marine creature also known as kina in NZ (6)
  8. Small light boats (6)
  9. In open air – how you dine in wilderness! (8)
  10. You need to do this as part of triathlon (4)
  11. Far from civilisation – like wilderness spots (6)
  12. Areas of low-lying marshy ground (6)
  13. Goat-like animal native to Himalayas (4)
  14. NZ owl with distinctive call (8)


  1. What tramping boots are made of (7)
  2. Top point of hill (5)
  3. Situated where sun rises (7)
  4. Sloping mass of loose rocks found on Tongariro Alpine Crossing (5)
  5. Destructive natural phenomenon that can follow large undersea earthquake (7)
  6. Earth containing iron oxide used as pigment (5)
  7. Sheltered area of coast for boats (7)
  8. Provide financial backing for outdoor events such as Southern Traverse (7)
  9. Footwear when snorkelling (7)
  10. Blood-sucking worm with sucker at each end (5)
  11. What geothermal activity produces (5)
  12. NZ _____ – duck commonly known as Black Teal (5)

Hidden Solution: Colourful vegetation in natural state (4,7)

January’s hidden solution: Sleeping mat

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