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Three multitool uses you hadn’t thought of

Your Multitool can help you split wood for a fire.

Your multitool is a valuable survival aid, writes Stu Gilbert

A multi-tool is a useful item to carry while tramping. If you stick to the basic tools – blade, saw, can opener, pliers and wire cutters – you can do 80 per cent of the jobs required.

Here are three ways to use a multi-tool you may not have thought of.

Signal mirror

Using the handle you can improvise a signal mirror in a survival situation. Hold the handle along the edges and turn towards the sun. Locate the reflection, and hold out your opposite hand to form a V-shape with two fingers. Aim the light at the target by moving the V of your fingers and reflected light towards the target at the same time.

Splitting wood

If you’ve only got a small knife and need to split wood in an emergency fire situation, your multitool’s blade can do the job.

1. Cut a solid wedge from the side of the log

2. Cut across the top of log

3. Hit wedge into top cut until the log splits

Fire striker

If you’ve lost your metal striker to your flint, use the rough surface of the nail file to create a spark against the rod to ignite your fire.

– Stu Gilbert is a former air force survival instructor and runs SOS Survival Training