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Therm-A-Rest Parsec



Our Rating:

Features: The Parsec is built from 100 per cent recycled nylon and filled with 465g of 800 fill power water-resistant down. Anti-snag zippers with easy-to-find pullers open a bag that has a prominent neck muff, a deep hood and a cosy additional foot baffle that wraps over the top of your feet. Two removable straps are included that allow the bag to be fastened to your mat, and there is a small zippered external pocket. A compression stuff sac is included. 

Fit: Available in small, regular and long, the Parsec is shaped to be snug in the legs but a little wider in the shoulders so that extra clothing can be worn when you’re pushing the bag’s limit. With my slim frame it felt like a performance fit, with little wasted space. 

Comfort: The first thing I noticed was the feel of the bag’s fabric; it has a soft satin finish and a supple touch that gives it a premium quality. The hood wraps nicely around the head and is quite deep, while the neck muff/draft collar helps prevent warm air from escaping, although I would have preferred a separate drawcord for extra heat retention. The additional foot baffle (Toe-asis Foot Warmer Pocket) adds another level of plushness to the footbox. 

In use: Some simple details, such as extra-long zip slider pulls and the anti-snag zip, made the Parsec a pleasure to use. The fabric has an immediately warm feel to it, and the 800 fill power down is buoyant, making for thick baffles and snug comfort. For both back and side sleepers, it’s a comfortable bag. The first time I slid into it, one of the mat fastening straps caught on my sleeping mat (the strap was atop the map, not around it) and ripped out a thin cord-attachment loop, so there may be a strength issue with those. 

Value: For its temperature rating and fill power the Parsec is expensive, but it’s also very light for its class, with refined features. 

Verdict: This is a sleeping bag you’ll look forward to hopping into at the end of the day. While most of its features are standard for a high-end mummy bag, the Toe-asis is an excellent touch for a very light bag that will be great for three seasons of the year and into mild winter conditions too. 

Plusses: Light, packs small, super comfortable 
Expensive, questionable durability of mat strap attachment loops.