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Teva Hurricane XLT



Our Rating:

At a glance

Plusses: Lightweight, trail easily felt through the sandal.
May not hold the foot securely enough for demanding tracks, trail easily felt through the sandal.

Features: Velcro closure makes these sandals a cinch to get into and out of. The webbing straps are comfortable, though somewhat bulky due to the Velcro. A nylon shank offers excellent torsional stability, without affecting forefoot flex, which is generous. The overall construction is soft – including the rubber outsole which provides good traction (and mud shedding) on every surface, including slick rocks. The colour scheme – the sole and upper is all the same – is funky and adds appeal to a product category that is often unsexy-looking.

Fit: The sandal comes in full sizes only and the size 9 was just slightly too large for me. The strapping, though secure, couldn’t be tightened as much as I would like and on some downhills I had slight forward foot movement that could lead to hotspots under my toes. My heel would lift, particularly on uphills, and would scrape the footbed’s rim. Trail debris sometimes got caught beneath my foot.

Comfort: The soft and springy footbed feels lush. The straps are also comfortable next-to-skin, but the irritating rubbing of my heel was a drawback.

In use: These sandals handled every trail surface well – rooty, muddy tracks and groomed trails alike. The generous flex and soft sole and footbed materials meant every stick, stone or nuance in the trail could be felt. It was off-putting at first, but it did have the effect of making me feel closer to the trail than with other footwear I use. Due to the sizing, the straps could not hold my foot optimally, but those who fit full sizes may fare better

Value: Teva is known for its sandals and the Hurricane is packed with tech developed by the company over many years. It is light – 594g (m), 436g (w) – and versatile.

Verdict: The Hurricane is an attractive sandal which could be used on groomed trails and for water activities. It also suits those who want to feel more in touch with the trail. However, I found the fit and support to be too light for more demanding tracks.