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Bedrock Cairn Adventure



Our Rating:

At a glance

Plusses: Light, comfortable, simple
Minuses: Cost, thin sole

Features: The Cairn Adventure is a cross between a jandal and a sandal, pairing a thong-style toe with an ankle strap to keep weight to a minimum and the sandal glued to your foot. Straps are made from a durable polyester and nylon webbing with a padded patch at the ankles. There are three adjustment zones to enable a perfect fit – the main ones being a forefoot buckle and a Velcro-closure ankle strap. At the ankle are a pair of ‘sole hugger wings’ which cradle the foot and provide support. The super-thin sole is a hard wearing Vibram sticky rubber with 3mm lugs. A grooved footbed provides grip.

Fit: The fit is perfect – I take a size US9 and there was just a couple of millimetres of footbed showing around my foot. My high arch meant the forefoot strap was almost completely loosened, but this did not affect stability or comfort.

Comfort: The straps and fit take a bit of adjusting to get right, but once done, and because the sandal is so light, you hardly notice you are wearing it. The thin soles don’t provide much cushioning and feet can ache after a long day.

In use: The sandal is designed for all-round use: trail, water and travel. I used them on a few trails in New Zealand, but they got their most use during a six week trip to Bali and Turkey where they were worn every day in cities, dusty trails, rock-hopping around the coast and at the beach. They proved comfortable and stable on all terrain, though the thin sole left my feet aching after a day’s walking on pavement. 

Value: These sandals are bought direct from an Australian supplier and so shipping costs and exchange rates apply, making them among the priciest sport sandals on the market.

Verdict: Cost aside, the Cairn Adventure is a lightweight and comfortable sandal. Perfect for around the hut or camp after a day on the trail, it is also rugged and supportive enough to wear on the trail or as a travel sandal.