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Scarpa Mojito

Scarpa Mojito



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Made from a super soft suede upper and with padding on the tongue and sides, the Mojito offers immediate comfort.

In appearance, they resemble a rock climbing shoe more than a hiker. With lacing running right the way to the toe, getting the shoe tensioned in the right places can be time-consuming, but is super precise. The soft uppers bulge in the right places to adapt to the shape of the foot and they easily accommodated my wide feet. At 700g/pair (w – 570g), they are mid-weight.

I found them an agile, fun shoe to wear as the sticky rubber sole offers excellent traction on most surfaces and that big toe bumper is just as grippy, helping you up scree and rocky slopes.

The colour range is comprehensive, with multiple options for both men and women,  and it’s not surprising the Mojito is the best selling of Scarpa’s lifestyle shoes – for despite appearances, it is a hybrid trail and street shoe. As such, it lacks some features you would expect in a dedicated hiking shoe. Most important for me is underfoot protection. While there is a dual density midsole, it’s minimal and after a few days wearing them, the soles of my feet felt bruised and tender. Some people love minimalist shoes that allow you to feel the trail, but they do take some getting used to. I gave them a break for a week and came back to them for a full day tramp on a tough track combining hundreds of gravelled steps with root-ridden trails. At the end of the day, my feet felt sore again, though not as bad and for not as long. On further wearing, I found I may have grown accustomed to the shoe.

I enjoyed wearing the Mojito; it’s a good looking, comfortable shoe that does the job on the trail. Beware the minimal underfoot protection, though – it won’t suit everyone.