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Grisport Milford

Grisport Milford



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The Milford features a moderately stiff sole, lacing to the toe, nubuck leather uppers, gusseted tongue and a grunty toe cap. In other words, it looks the business.

On first wearing, I immediately noticed the high cut – coming to just below the ankle. The shoe sits on a chunky sole and has a rubber frame encircling the lower part, protecting the leather. With a nylon shank and PU midsole housed inside, you feel as high off the ground as you do wearing a boot (the Milford comes in a boot version).

This has benefits: the shoe is solid and protects feet from the trail, both on top and below, and offers a firm platform on which you can carry reasonably heavy loads. With its waterproof lining, it also means you’re less likely to get wet feet. But this stack height also has drawbacks. The shoe is heavy – 1180g – and the ankle area is too soft to provide decent support. I found my ankle rolling a couple of times as I took a big step down a bank, or landed a bit awkwardly. It was like my centre of gravity was just a tad too high.

It offers good grip on a variety of surfaces and, if cared for properly, the leather uppers promise long life.

Grisport provides a neat value-added package: spare insoles, laces and a pocket knife with nylon sheath.

The Milford is a good shoe, but one best used on day walks over groomed trails.