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MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe



Our Rating:

At a glance
: User friendly, well-built, pressure-regulator, light.
Minuses: Expensive.

Features: The Deluxe is a pressure-regulated stove which means it can offer consistent output for the life of the canister. It weighs 83g and has a lever-operated Piezo igniter and a ledge on the broad burner head to protect the flame from the wind. Serrated stainless steel pot supports provide a stable and grippy surface for cookware. The extra-long flame control adjuster is easy to access beneath cookware. 

Construction: The stove is made with stainless steel and feels solid despite its 83g weight. The pot supports don’t bend or twist under hand pressure and suggest absolute durability. The lever-operated Piezo igniter is best-in-class design. An internal wire runs to an electrode placed inside the burner head where it is protected from wind and possible damage from knocks. It’s easy to press and always started first click. 

Power: It pumps out 11,000BTU which provides a torch-like flame that is easily managed with the extra-long, glove-friendly flame adjuster. It is simple to reduce power without accidentally cutting off the gas. The pressure regulator helps control gas usage and it can boil up to 17-litres on one 227g canister. 

In use: Lighting the stove was perfectly reliable – one press and the stove ignited. I like that the ignition is on the opposite side of the stove to the flame adjuster. This is a comfortable and natural firing position.

Despite its power, it is much quieter than other stoves.

The burner ledge offered good wind resistance and there was only a slight improvement in performance at sea level over the altitude test. At sea level, 500ml of water was boiled in 1min58sec; at altitude, it took 2min02sec.

The stove proved exceptional at cooking the risotto meal. Flame control was precise and allowed quick boiling away of excess water and then simmering as the mixture thickened.

The large burner head ensured an even flame spread and I managed to cook the risotto without burning food to the bottom of the pot. 

Value: Expensive for a gas stove, but its durability, first-time ignition and performance in a variety of conditions make it a worthy investment. 

Verdict: A reliable stove that does not compromise on functionality, construction or efficiency. 

Where and how the stoves were used

This stove, the Soto Amicus and Jetboil MightyMo were all tested under the same conditions and for doing the same tasks. They were used to boil water at sea level and at 1000m altitude in Tongariro National Park in temperatures ranging from 13℃ to 19℃. The stoves were also used to cook a risotto meal which required 20 minutes of continuous cooking time.