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Enlightened Equipment Enigma 



Our Rating:

692g (regular) / -12°C limit

Features: This is Enlightened Equipment’s lightest and most minimal quilt. It includes a deep, sewn foot box and is filled with 525g of 850 fill power down. There’s no zip, no hood, and just a basic drawcord to cinch it at the neck. Two small clips and two domes allow the quilt to be ‘closed’ into sleeping bag mode, and two straps can be used to attach it to a sleeping pad. The outer fabric is DWR coated. 

Fit: The quilt is available in four different sizes, catering for all body shapes. While the specs we’ve given in this review are for the regular, I was sent a long/wide, and being 176cm tall and slim this bag was roomy on me – I could wriggle in and have it easily cover my whole head too. 

Comfort: The Enigma’s point of difference for quilt buyers is its deep foot box. Other quilt designs often have a partial foot box, or a method for cinching the quilt closed around the feet. During a warm night I would have preferred a bit more opening, but the Enigma is designed for colder conditions and consequently keeps a user’s lower legs warm. While there is still plenty of temperature latitude with the open upper half, the foot box does reduce this quilt’s versatility during the warmer months. That said, it’s still more versatile (for its weight) than a traditional mummy bag, because it has no hood and can mostly open out. 

In use: This is a seriously plush quilt. Out of the stuff sac, the 850 fill power down quickly lofted to present reassuringly thick baffles. While the lack of a hood might seem a loss, it’s soon accepted. If there is wind blowing on my head I’ll either wear a Buff and a hat, or wriggle under the quilt a bit.

Value: Comparing specifications to cost, the Enigma stacks up well and offers a ton of warmth at a competitive price. 

Verdict: Great quilts are probably best defined by the features they don’t have, because they’re about lightweight simplicity. The Enigma is well thought through, and with its deep, non-adjustable foot box, it borders on being a hybrid quilt/sleeping bag. For some users that will be of benefit, especially for colder sleepers or general cold-weather use. The benefits were clear for me, with a considerable weight saving (300g plus) over a traditional sleeping bag of equivalent warmth.

Plusses: Light for its warmth rating, versatile, good value, simple 
Down not dry-treated, not as versatile due to fixed footbox