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Deejo Juniper Wood 37g

Deep Juniper Wood 37g



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Deejo knives come in three weights – 15g, 27g and 37g – and are designed to be carried in your pocket, anywhere and everywhere.

Wilderness tested the 37g juniper wood handled knife, which, like all Deejo knives is a culinary knife – useful for cutting bread, cheese, salami and even slicing open your freeze dry packaging.

The blade is so light, it is not really sturdy enough for tougher tasks like splitting wood and with a lightweight frame handle, carving wood or going to town on an animal carcass would be a tough ask.

The wood series (also in granadilla and rosewood), features a belt clip which I used on my trouser waistband and pocket, with the knife inside my pocket to reduce the risk of losing it without me noticing. It can also slide onto your pack belt webbing and seems secure enough. The clip is smooth and shaped to allow a comfortable grip when holding.

The 9.5cm blade is made from 420 stainless steel, which offers a reasonable amount of corrosion resistance but is not the hardest steel used in blade manufacture. It is ample for the purpose it is designed for, though. I found it to be sharp and to hold it’s edge over the, admittedly, limited testing which consisted of slicing various foods.

It opens in a smooth movement and has a locking pin that butts against the base of the blade to prevent it opening too far. Once the blade is extended, a locking bar clicks into place to prevent it accidentally closing on your fingers. Pressing this bar allows the blade to be folded closed.

The juniper handle is really a thin sliver of wood, but it does add an appealing look to the knife and serves a practical purpose in that it protects the edge of the blade.

This is the lightest knife of its size I have seen or used. Its long blade is practical for most uses a tramper could need and if weight is important to you, it’s one to look at.