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Bushnell Legend M series 10×42

Bushnell's Legend M Series 10x42 binoculars



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In testing Bushnell’s M Series, I discovered looking through a good pair of binoculars is a delight. I used them throughout the summer to spy birds in the bush, look at distant peaks, watch fisherman haul in their catch and to see what was happening down the far end of the beach. I also took them to the zoo for a closer encounter with the wildlife.

The Legend M 10×42 is easy to set up. Simply adjust the locking diopter to fine-tune it to your sight. Once that’s done, rotate the centre focusing wheel until your target is in clear view.

I enjoyed them most when looking at things quite close – a few metres away – where the image filled my field of view in what felt like high-definition; pin sharp and details abounding; I’ll never again look at a tui the same. But they also brought me closer to the action, such as when I observed fishermen hauling up their cray pots 400m offshore when to the naked eye it appeared as if they were just bobbing in the water.

The sharp, bright image, which appears almost super-real, is mostly thanks to a Di-electric coating on the optics which transmits 92 per cent of the light.

These binos have a wide field of view – 113m at 1000m – making them a good choice for bird and game spotting.

Though I never tired of using these binoculars, I did tire of carrying them. At 722g and 16.5cm, they are heavy and bulky.

For that reason, they are more likely to be used on day trips, when birds might be spotted, than on a multi-day tramp.