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BioLite FirePit



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The BioLite FirePit, first introduced in 2017 is a tech-heavy brazier which uses a fan system to improve campfire combustion. It is claimed to burn particulate matter in smoke, creating a cleaner, more efficient fire.

The fan system, with 51 air jets, nurtures the fire, and controlling its intensity is done by pushing a button on the body, or on the free BioLite app, which connects to the FirePit via bluetooth.

Crank up the fan to help fresh wood catch, and drop it to its lowest setting for a consistent slow burn. The fan runs quiet on low, but the high setting is noisy and overpowers the pleasing fire crackle.

The detachable 10,400mAh battery pack is rated for 24 hours of operation on low fan speed, and has USB charging. A USB output can be used to charge other devices. Missing, however, is BioLite’s renowned thermoelectric technology, which converts heat energy to electricity. A solar cover is available to purchase separately.

It can take a bit of practise, but if the wood is stacked correctly, the smoke disappears, as promised. However, wood must be cut to a specific size to fit, which can increase prep time.

Ash is contained within the fire pit, which keeps outdoor areas clean, and allows easy ash disposal.

A hibachi-style grill top for cooking takes getting used to. The movable wood rack allows the embers or coals to be raised for easier cooking, but temperature regulation is far less precise than a BBQ, so perfect kebabs may take a few attempts.

Features: A well thought-out product, with just the right amount of features. BioLite’s renowned thermoelectric technology could improve future models, however.

In use: Easy to use, quiet and with hands-free options, it’s hard to fault the FirePit’s performance. Wood prep will take more thought, but clean up is a breeze.

Size: At 8.98kg, the FirePit feels sturdy and well-built. Collapsable legs make storage easier.

Aesthetics: Its matte bumblebee black and yellow look is sleek and classy, and mesh walls create a near 360 degrees floating fire effect.

Value: Retailing for $430, it’s a lot of money to spend on a brazier, but fire lovers might be tempted by its performance and features.

Verdict: A revolutionary campfire, with lots of features.