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How to make cowboy coffee

If instant coffee isn’t your thing and you don’t own one of those fancy coffee sets, there’s a way to get that early morning kick from freshly ground beans.

It involves patience and possibly the odd ground or two crunching between your teeth. But it should taste heavenly on a long trip.

1. Boil half a litre of water and remove from the heat

2. Add the coffee grounds and bring to the boil again

Coffee grind

3. Remove from the heat and wait several minutes for the grounds to settle on the bottom. Patience is needed here – don’t rush, or you’ll be removing grounds from your teeth for the rest of the day

4. Carefully scoop the coffee from the top with a small cup, so as not to disturb the grounds. Alternatively, filter the coffee into your mug using a thin (and clean!) layer of cloth. This also requires considerable patience.

Bon appetit!

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