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Eagle pose legs

Tony Gazley

This balance pose strengthens a number of muscles, including your thighs, calves and ankles, and can even stretch the hips.

1.) Start with your feet hip-width apart, toes straight ahead. Leave your hands on your hips until you have master the legs

2.) Bend your knees. Lift the left leg up and place it on top of the right thigh. Touch your left toes to the ground to the right side of your right leg

3.) Keep bending the knees, and squeezing the thighs together

4.) To challenge your balance, lift your left toes off the ground

5.) Keep lightly pressing the thighs inward towards each other, helping the back of your hips to release

6.) Hold the pose for 3-4 breaths, then unwind the legs and step your left foot down. Bend your knees a few times and then switch to the other side. As you get stronger, try staying in the pose for longer and combine with the eagle pose for arms.