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How much fuel is left in the canister?

This conundrum has left many a multiday tramper pondering whether a morning coffee is wise, given the risk of cold dehy meals for the rest of the trip.

Of course, careful planning ensuring more fuel than you’ll need is the obvious answer to making sure you don’t run out. But there is one little trick to give you a reasonable estimate of what’s left in the canister:

  • For this trick you’ll need two canisters of the same make and size – one full, one empty

Copy of Canister1

  • Place the empty one into a pot of water

Copy of Canister2

  • Using a permanent marker pen, note where the waterline is and mark this level in the same spot on the full canister

Copy of Canister3

  • Place the full canister into the same pot of water

Copy of Canister4

  • Mark the waterline so you now have two marks – one for full, one for empty

Copy of Canister5

  • When on the trip, place the canister into water to see roughly how much fuel you have left. It’ll act like a fuel gauge with the waterline falling the more fuel you use