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Backcountry cooking accessories

You need help to cook the perfect meal – these products from Jetboil, MSR and Fozzils will get your dinner from pot to plate.

Featured image: Fozzils Snapfold Bowlz $27.50
Pack-flat dinnerware with two bowls, measuring lines for food prep, easy-clean non-stick surface, dishwasher safe, BPA free. 80g.


MSR Ceramic 2-Pot Set $199.99
Compact nonstick Fusion ceramic pot set. Safe with metal utensils and high heat. Includes 1.5l and 2.5l pots, strainer lid and pot handle. 428g.


Jetboil Silicone Coffee Press $39.95
Brew coffee or flip the press to steam fish and vegetables. Stem and basket detach to stow in a cup. Compatible with Jetboil Flash, MicroMo and Zip stoves. 36g.


Jetboil Jetset Utensil Set $29.95
Telescopic handles are long enough to reach the bottom of the cooking cups and dehydrated food bags, shaped to scour each edge and corner. 36g.


Jetboil Summit Skillet $119.95
Ceramic non-stick surface, varied wall thickness for even heat distribution, included turner (21g) nests in handle. 300g.


Jetboil Ceramic Fluxring Cookpot 1.5l $159.95
A compact backcountry pot for solo or group cooking, easy-cleaning, folding wire handles, insulating cozy. 306g.


MSR WindBurner Group System $459.99
Windproof and pressure-regulated stove system with a 2.5l pot for 2-4 people. Non-stick fusion ceramic-coated surface for easy cleaning and optimised for all WindBurner cookware. 591g.