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‘Wild mums’ get back on track

The Wild Mums Go Tramping group tackled the St Arnaud Range on a recent trip. Photo: Bea Pole-Bokor

A Motueka mum has started a tramping group for mothers, to help them get back on the trail while looking after young ones.

Odette Singleton-Wards started Wild Mums Go Tramping a year and a half ago after finding it difficult to find time and company to head out tramping while caring for her young children.

“For me, tramping is a necessary part of life – I like to get out of the house and into nature as often as possible,” Singleton-Wards said. “I come back a better mother. I’m more balanced and centred.”

Singleton-Wards created a six-month schedule with a different day-walk every Sunday, which mums could join. The group has now grown to more than 100 members with about a dozen people heading on the walks each week. Mothers are asked to leave their children at home – it’s a chance for a nature escape.

“Having a pool of women to go with is great. I’ve met amazing women that I never would have met otherwise. It’s great for networking with other women doing amazing things who are going back to work themselves.”

An offshoot group has started for older trampers, called Wild Grannies Go Tramping, and Singleton-Wards is now encouraging other mums to start up similar tramping groups around the country.

“It’s a good model, so if people are interested in starting up a group, I can tell them how to go about it.”

Contact Odette Singleton-Wards at or search Wild Mums Go Tramping on Facebook.