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Sea to Summit Comfort Light

The Comfort Light
The Comfort Light



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Sea to Summit take a technical approach to sleeping mats, creating areas of differing insulation to improve R-value while saving weight. The Comfort Light utilises this technique with extra insulation by way of dual ‘air spring cells’ in the torso area and single layers for the head and legs. This improves comfort where you need it most: for the shoulders and hips.

The mat’s R-value of 4.2 provides good insulation for its 580g weight. Synthetic Thermolite insulation and heat-reflective fabric, enable this level of insulation, making a mat that’s effective in a wide range of conditions. Thermolite is extremely compressible, so when rolled up, the mat is compact and easily fits inside your pack.

The fabric is reasonably non-slip, and combined with the dimpled surface meant I stayed off the tent floor. This mat has no raised edges, but its tapered shape provides plenty of width for my shoulders.

A convenient and lightweight pump sack (two options) is also available for this series of mats, and provides quick inflation.

I liked the Comfort Light for its all-round usability and comfort. For weight-conscious trips I would pick a lighter mat, but for general tramping, including above the snowline, biking trips or car camping this is a comfortable and durable mat built to last.