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North Face Stormbreak 1



Our Rating:

The North Face has done well to keep the weight of this two-pole tent down to around 1400g (1040g min). Once up, the tent pitched out nicely with a reasonably generous vestibule space (the two vestibules total 0.8m²). It felt reasonably solid and for most conditions would provide sound shelter. However, I personally value being able to just take the fly and poles for when conditions allow going even lighter and getting the weight down to a kilogram or less. The Stormbreak loses out on versatility because it uses the inner rather than the outer to locate the poles.

I used the tent on a trip into the South Huxley where we had a little bit of light rain and I was impressed with how well the water was beading up and running off the fly material which, though light, has a solid feel. It doesn’t rustle badly in the wind like some new lightweight fabrics.

Pegs? Well yes they were included but like most pegs sold with tents I felt they were too lightweight and suspect they’ll be replaced post purchase by something practical for use on stony river flats or rock and tussock alpine tops.

I expected the two pole design to provide more headroom than you would get from a single pole tent, but I didn’t find they added that much to the 1.68m² internal space. But unlike many other single person tents, you can comfortably sit up in it.

This is not something that for me outweighs the extra complexity of the tent and it is also more of a handful to set up than a single pole tent.