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Klymit Insulated Static V Lite



Our Rating:

Weight: 556g

R-value: 4.4

Construction: An impressive R-value of 4.4 puts this mattress in the four season category. It uses two layers of Klymalite lofted synthetic insulation with an antimicrobial treatment to prevent mould. It promises to inflate in 10-15 breaths and has side rails to help prevent roll-off. There is a single inflation/deflation valve. The fabric is a lightweight 30D polyester which is not as durable as heavier fabrics.

Weight: It is at the heavy end, but that is to be expected from a super warm mattress. I was surprised it doesn’t weigh more – each V-shaped chamber is sealed from the others, which creates valleys between the chambers to limit air movement. This construction method would add weight.

Comfort: The mattress is full-sized, and doesn’t taper at the feet so it’s easy to stay onboard. The side rails help here too. It’s a surprisingly warm mattress – the spaces between baffles hold no air or insulation so I thought it would be cooler than it was. Depending on my position, my elbows, knees and hip sometimes fell between the gaps between the baffles to hit the ground.

In use: I found this a really stable and comfortable mattress. It holds air well, only losing a tiny amount after being inflated for two weeks.

I found the unobtrusive side rails helped keep me in the middle of the mattress and I didn’t fall or slide off it at all during the night. It’s a firmer mattress than the others, which I liked, and it didn’t make any noise when I moved around.

It’s also a very warm mattress – the insulation is effective at slowing heat transfer through the mattress to the ground. It was easy to inflate, requiring just 13 breaths to get it to its full 6.4cm thickness. But many insulated mattresses avoid using breath-inflation because moisture on the breath can cause mould to grow in the insulation – at least there is an antimicrobial treatment to help prevent this. It was trickier to pack away because it is more difficult to expel all the air.

Value: It’s the cheapest mattress in this review and it provides a lot of warmth for your money. The lightweight fabrics are at more risk of puncture, though.

Verdict: A well-priced-four season mattress.

At a glance
Plusses: Price, quiet, warmth
Minuses: Not as easy to pack away, breath inflation.

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