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Asolo TPS535 Widefit

The Asolo TPS535



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This is a sturdy all leather backcountry boot, fit for tramping rough terrain while offering the type of stability one comes to expect from a high-cut tramping boot with a solid shank.

The boot is also well-cushioned, with foam footbeds and padded ankle collars providing an added layer of comfort.

I used the TPS535 during a wet and cold tramp through the Takitimu Mountains in Southland. Moving through boggy ground, they kept my feet dry and my ankles safe, despite thick undergrowth and a heavy carpet of tussock preventing me from seeing every footfall.

The Vibram outsoles provided good traction over slippery rocks and I found them particularly helpful for rock-hopping braided rivers or ambling up bouldery forest trails.

My only criticism of these boots is the weight; at 1520g (m:1600g), I felt slower than usual. However, the added protection through the sturdy structure and footbed provided extra confidence while walking through tussock and over rocky streams.

They are extremely stiff, which is great for when you need a solid platform on which to carry a heavy pack or need to strap crampons on to cross an alpine pass, but I found they needed more wearing in than I am used to. My first tramp led to blisters.

The TPS535 is a relatively low-cost 3-4 season boot that will suit most people’s tramping and hiking requirements.