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I’m doing it to spend time with my family

The Baker family walked the Tongariro Northern Circuit in January

For Vicky Baker, Walk1200km is showing her kids what they can achieve.

Vicky and Lewis Baker’s children have grown up walking – at first in carriers and now under their own steam.

Vicky says, it has made them stronger people because they know what they can achieve.

“When you’re walking, you can’t just give up halfway back to the car park.”

Vicky, a fan of statistics, joined the Walk1200km challenge last October to find out just how far the family walks in a year.

The Rangiora family walk to school, work and with Xena the dog during the week, but come the weekend they go tramping.

It’s a chance for Elsie, 11, and Logan, 9, to have some one-on-one time with their parents, away from distractions like TV. 

They recently tramped up Mt Herbert on Banks Peninsula, where devising new lyrics for popular songs helped distract them from tired legs.

“We have a good laugh and it’s a chance to be silly,” Vicky says.

She has personally found the Walk1200km challenge gives her a nudge if she’s ever teetering over going for a walk.

She also likes looking over her progress tracker and remembering the various walks the Ks represent, such as the Great Walks the family organise their holidays around.

With a daily average of 7km, Vicky has walked about 1400km since October and is going to complete the year-long challenge.

“I’m really interested to see how much it will come to and I’m keen to keep it up.”