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WildernessWord, April 2016

Crossword by Pam Hutton


1. _____ Ranges – mountains running between Palmerston North and Wellington (7)

5. Large brown seaweed with fluted leathery fronds (4)

7. NZ native tree of genus and species Myoporum laetum (5)

8. This describes wind coming from sea towards land (7)

10. Introduced mustelid animal that is a pest in NZ (6)

11. What metal does when exposed to elements (5)

13. NZ’s second longest river (6)

15. ___ ___’s beard – invasive noxious plant in NZ (3,3)

18. Small streams or brooks (5)

20. Sturdily constructed backpack is this (6)

23. Dying down – like storm or bad weather, eg (7)

24. Filled with wonder at beauty of nature, maybe (2,3)

25. Headland projecting into sea (4)

26. Surface you won’t find in wilderness terrain (7)


1. Maori word for NZ longfin eel (4)

2. North Island mountain that produced significant eruptions in mid-1990s (7)

3. Tripping hazards on track (5)

4. Circular coral reefs surrounding lagoons (6)

5. Nankeen _____ – Australian falcon sometimes seen in open scrubland in NZ (7)

6. Tracks taking you back to where you started (5)

9. Moving gently and carefully in tight spot between rocks (6)

12. Rough cindery fragments of solidified lava (6)

14. This describes outdoor environment that is harsh and inhospitable (7)

16. Taylors _____ – bay on Banks Peninsula (7)

17. It helps if head-torch is this (6)

19. Woody climbing tropical vine (5)

21. Prickly scrambling bush (5)

22. ____-walking – pastime of walking in hilly countryside (4)

Hidden Solution: One way to see New Zealand (5,5)

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