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What lockdown take 2 means for trampers

Trampers can still head to DOC huts during Alert Level 2 restrictions, but those people at Alert Level 3 will need to keep walks to less than 3hr. Photo: Matthew Cattin

With the weekend’s mud still drying on our boots, it’s again time for Aucklanders to shelve tramping plans and stay home.

The resurgence of community-transmitted Covid-19 discovered in Auckland, the city – from Wellsford to Pukekohe – has moved back to Level 3.

The remainder of New Zealand has moved to Level 2.

For Aucklanders, this puts an end to any overnight tramping plans, though short walks – up to three hours total – are still allowed.
DOC huts, campsites and lodges in Auckland are unavailable, and social distancing is advised on any tracks.

Cycling, swimming, kayaking and other low-risk outdoor activities are allowed under Level 2, though higher risk activities such as canyoning and scuba diving are not permitted.

Under Level 2, overnight tramping is permitted and DOC huts are open, though trampers are advised to stick within their limits.

Trampers are advised to sign the hut books to enable contact tracing, and DOC facilities are not to be used for those who are self-isolating.

Regardless of activity, all Kiwis are advised to practise contact tracing, good hygiene and social distancing.

For a full list of outdoor activities and the associated Covid-19 regulations, visit Covid19Outdoors, provided by the Mountain Safety Council.