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We’ve done Walk1200km; you can too!

Louise Slocombe advises participants to walk every day.

The Walk1200km community is a great source of advice, encouragement and inspiration. Here, members share what they’ve learned on their way to walking 1200km and what they love about the challenge.

“Looking at my progress tracker, there are a lot of blank days. If I’d done even just a couple of kilometres on those days, it would have added a lot to my total. Next time around I will be trying to walk every day.” – Louise Slocombe

Jeremy Keane gets ready for his walks the night before.

“Get your walking stuff ready the night before and commit to walking every day. Walking every street in my neighbourhood really helped me, especially at the beginning of the challenge. It has been satisfying to mark off streets on a map, and great to find a few hidden gems.” – Jeremy Keane


“I have found having a 3.5km walk that I can do from home is the best because I can do it any day, even if I’m short on time. I don’t have to drive anywhere, so I walk it way more often and keep those kilometres ticking over. I save bigger walks for the weekend.” – Karen Harper

Karen Hofmann-Body says Walk1200km encouraged her to do more walking.

“It has been interesting to track how much I am walking and how much it varies from day to day. Walk1200km has definitely encouraged me to get out there for a few kilometres, even when the weather is bad.” – Karen Hofmann-Body

“It’s okay to miss a day of walking, but don’t miss two. Studies show that missing a day doesn’t affect your habit-forming ability or your overall outcome. So don’t fret if you miss one; you haven’t ‘failed’.” – Curtis Stallworthy

Since taking up Walk1200km, Fiona Gibson has used her car less often.

“My biggest accomplishment has been reducing my car use. I switched to walking to the supermarket and into the city.” – Fiona Gilston

“This challenge is ACHIEVABLE and AFFORDABLE – no gym membership, no age limit, no expensive brand gear required.” – Sharon Boulton

Ruth Shelling says to clock up extra distances when you can.

“It’s good to clock up extra Ks when you can to cover unexpected events. For me, this was Covid-19 – I didn’t exercise for a month. I’ve had a dream for years to get fit enough to walk the Milford Track. Walk1200km has given me the motivation to make it happen.” – Ruth Shelling 

“Build walking into your commute. Get off the bus a few kilometres early or walk all the way to work.” – Sarah White