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Introducing Walk1200km #microchallenges!

Tui hit the kowhai in spring, but how have you witnessed the changing of the seasons?

Embrace the fun with a #microchallenge!

Each month we’ll be setting participants a #microchallenge. The challenges will inject a bit of fun into your walk so that those everyday kilometres feel less like a chore. They’ll also enable you to better appreciate your surroundings.

There will be at least two daft, fun, tricky #microchallenges published each month in Wilderness. By completing these challenges prizes can be won – including Walk1200km badges! This month, winners will receive a pair of Bridgedale Midweight Merino Performance Fit socks.

How to enter

  1. Take a photo of yourself completing the challenge
  2. Share it on the Walk1200km Facebook group or on Instagram with a description and using the relevant hashtag – e.g #microchallenge1 – by October 5. Winners will be published in the next issue of Wilderness.
  3. To claim your prize, email a photo of you with your edition of the mag to

October’s #microchallenges:

1. Find where spring has sprung: What does spring look like in your neighbourhood or the places you walk? #microchallenge1 

Climb or sit on, or simply touch a trig and survey the land.

2. Touch a trig: Survey the land from one of the thousands of trig stations located around the country. Tip: Use the Plan my Walk app to find a suitable trip near you. #microchallenge2

What’s on the other side? A world of possibilities and adventure!

3. Cross a bridge: Find a bridge – any bridge, whether a motorway overpass or a classic swingbridge in the bush – and get to the other side. Bonus points for discovering trolls! #microchallenge3

Got an idea for a #microchallenge? Email