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Glade House via Dore Pass, Fiordland National Park

Lake Te Anau and the Clinton Valley from Dore Pass. Photo: Linda Jane Keegan
Fiordland National Park
Total Ascent
Te Anau-Milford Highway, near Murcott Burn
CB08, CB09
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Dore Pass is named for John Charles Benjamin Dore, a well known figure in the Te Anau and Manapouri area in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He led the team who first navigated the route across the pass to Glade House and the start of the Milford Track, on which he was a chief guide for some time.

The trip starts with a crossing of the Eglinton River and then heads up a steep track, quickly gaining altitude and eventually meeting with Murcott Burn. Then the going gets really tough.

The track leaves the river and sidles along the slope before aiming directly for the pass, following a poled route. The views of steep rocky faces, waterfalls and glaciers make the pain worthwhile. These views are enhanced at Dore Pass from where you can see into the Clinton Valley. Glade House can be seen from here too: a collection of tiny boxes next to the Clinton River.

The track sidles from the pass for a couple of kilometres before heading directly downhill beneath Pt1543. When the bushline is reached, the track begins a final zigzag and then eases up for a final stretch of virtually flat terrain to Glade House.

NOTE: Alpine skills/equipment may be required in winter/spring. Boat from Glade Wharf to Te Anau Downs can be booked through Real Journeys during the summer season