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Translate your passion for the environment into a career

Passionate about the environment, Raphael Karnuth studied the Bachelor of Environmental Management at SIT. Photo: Supplied
Tuition-free study is just one benefit of studying at SIT, writes Kylie Lindroos

Raphael Karnuth has found his niche. Making the move from Auckland down south to pursue his passion in environmental studies, Raphael enrolled in the Bachelor of Environmental Management at SIT.

Having enjoyed the outdoor opportunities Southland affords and the quality of the education and experiences he gained, studying at SIT is not a decision he regrets. SIT’s Zero Fees Scheme helped sway his decision to move to the other side of the country, and the environmental management course includes more in the way of management and variety than many other courses he had investigated.

With SIT’s programme, there are no tuition fees, only direct material costs. This means Raphael could save thousands of dollars while still getting an internationally recognised, quality education.

Since starting his study, Raphael has learned to appreciate the environment and its intricacies; from microorganisms to mountains, he enjoys understanding the interconnecting characteristics and how things operate and interact.

When his tutor encouraged students in his class to apply for an opportunity to work with the Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust, Raphael wrote an inspirational piece about why he should be chosen. He was picked to fly to Codfish Island, a fantastic opportunity to spend time among the penguins and contribute towards saving this declining species. With 28 new chicks on the island, it was an experience few people will ever have.

Raphael can count himself as one of the lucky few, especially as yellow-eyed penguins are notoriously shy and shouldn’t be approached by the public.

Such conservation work is just one potential direction open to graduates who gain SIT’s Environmental Management qualification. Other career paths could include working as a farm manager, in geological monitoring or ecological tourism.

It’s a three-year, full-time course and gives graduates a degree in Environmental Management. It prepares them for employment in a growing number of careers in the environment and energy-related fields, or for further study in specialist areas such as environmental health or policy and planning.

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