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Rab Neutrino Quilt 200

Photo: Matthew Cattin



Our Rating:

At a glance
: Light, warm, comfortable
Minuses: Expensive, not as easy to secure to mattress


Features: Designed for use in warmer months, this lightweight quilt is filled with 200g of 800FP RDS-certified hydrophobic European goose down. An elasticated base at the foot anchors the quilt to a sleeping mat and four pairs of tabs allow users to lash the quilt tight to encompass the sleeper and mattress. The down is dispersed in horizontal baffles which are segregated to keep fill in the top and sides. A roll-top stuff sack is included. A temperature rating is not included for Rab’s quilts, as warmth is dependent on the mattress used, but it is deemed suitable for summer use. 

Fit: Any sleeper should find themselves snug in this quilt, which is wide, soft and versatile enough to suit most positions. 

Comfort: Lightweight and roomy, the Neutrino is enormously comfortable. If tucked beneath the sleeping mattress and lashed together using mattress ties (not supplied), sleepers will be confined only by the edges of their mat, and can even get away with spreading themselves over it.

In use: The Neutrino is a worthwhile companion for summer adventures, if paired with a warm mattress. Wide enough to envelop the user and mattress, it feels not unlike being in a well tucked-in bed – a comforting feeling to carry with you into the backcountry.

The loop tabs allow the quilt to be cinched at the bottom of the mattress with string or elastic, but I feel lightweight adjustable clips would be a quicker, easier solution. The quilt works fine without, and I found my weight kept the quilt in place when it was tucked under the mattress – though the elastic foot base can slip off on occasion. I slept warm, but not clammy, under the quilt, and enjoyed indulging in the extra space provided, stretching out my legs and feet.

At 475g, it’s light in the pack, and compacts well into the roll-top stuff sack – though a compression sack would be more appropriate to make best use of the quilt’s size.

Value: It’s a lot of money to spend on a summer quilt – especially when you can buy a warmer-rated Rab sleeping bag for a cheaper price to see you through three or four seasons. 

Verdict: Excellent comfort and low weight, but expensive considering its temperature limitations.