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Macpac Sololight



Our Rating:

I really liked the idea of this truly multi-pitch tent which allows you to pitch the complete tent, or just the inner for fine nights, or just the fly for lightweight go-anywhere camping.

Initial pitching does take some sorting of the various bits and pieces which is a bit frustrating the first time or two that you do it, however, after reading the instructions and carefully attaching the inner to the fly, you’ll get it right.

The internal space is a comfortable ???m² (the vestibule is 0.?m²) and features a full-height door that you can pin back to grant an excellent view. There’s lots of breathable mesh incorporated into the inner, making it both light and adept at venting moisture.

The Sololight weighs just 1250g (1100g min), making it one of the lightest single person tents around. I like its versatility: as an investment for solo-trampers, it’s a good choice, but if you go with someone else on occasion you can just take the outer fly.

Fly-only pitching provides excellent protection against all but the stormiest conditions as the tunnel shape hugs the ground all round.

I found the guy tensioning system hard to activate properly; the tensioners just kept on slipping so I had to pull them out full length to get the desired result. Not sure what goes with these but they just would not work for me.

This tent is quite an investment for the solo tramper, but I think the price is offset to some degree by the versatility of the fly as a shelter for two people.

This tent will provide the necessary comfort and protection when out in the hills on a lightweight trip.