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Biolight Headlamp 330



Our Rating:

At a glance
Comfort, dimmable light, rechargeable, brightness memory, battery indicator.
Minuses: Cycling between light modes can get annoying, battery life.

330 lumens / 75m / 69g

Features: The lamp has a slim 9mm profile and a rear-mounted rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It has a burn time of 3.5hr on the highest 330 lumen setting, which I found to be accurate (run time on low is 40hr), and recharges via USB in about 2hr 15min.

The single on/off button also cycles through the five light modes which I found inconvenient, but at least it restarts at the last used light mode and brightness. Holding the button dims or brightens the lamp. A battery charge indicator shows how much charge is left.

Comfort: With most of the 69g weight held in the rear-mounted battery pack, I found it to be the most comfortable headlamp I’ve ever used. It is perfectly balanced and with so little weight on the forehead, it doesn’t bounce or put pressure on the forehead. The headband can be smoothly adjusted easily on-the-go.

In use: I used the floodlight most often because it would preserve the battery life and because it cast a wide light beyond my peripheral vision and lit up the trail from the tips of my boots – even when the lamp was not tilted down. I found cycling through the various light modes annoying so was grateful for the light memory which turns the lamp on in the last-used light setting.

The dimmable light is an excellent feature – one becoming common on headlamps – for not only conserving battery life but easily adjusting the light to various conditions. The on/off button is tiny, making it a little difficult to use while wearing gloves.

Value: For comfort alone, this headlamp is worth the $100 price tag.

Verdict: Offering an excellent light to tramp by, its battery life is on the short side but this is compensated for by light weight and comfort.